BeTop - Inventory system

BeTop software is for small businesses, manage products online for home or at the office. No need for installation. We need only your operator time for training. Very easy to manage contracts with Betop software. Manage Hotels, Daily Tours, Multi Package, Guide, Bus, Transfers. Built in CMS for your website. 

  1. Betop Hotels

    Simple and easy way to insert hotel contracts and manage them easily. If you are a small buissnes and you don't need one of those high maintenance softwers Betop is the perfect software for you!. Manage your hotel deatails in any language. Insert how many pictures that you need. Ability to change price for season and for specipic day! 

    1. Betop Daily Tours

      Daily tours can be a stand alone product or part of a package. Ability to manage daily departures in the same price list, no need to open new one, ability to manage the tours classes in the same price list. Add itinerary to daily tour. Ability to mark the day of departure for each language.  .


      1. Betop Multi Package

        Built city package in your country easily, connect your hotels, daily tours, guide, transfer to your package. Ability to build in one tour multiple tour levels, for each level attach any of the contracts that entered in the system as stand alone products. Built beautiful itinerary for your website with no need to learn HTML editor or hire graphic designer, your operator at the office can do it! 




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